Friday, July 6, 2012

Face-to-Face Meeting

Today I am thankful for . . .

568.  The gift of Meeting Face-to-Face!  Today I met a fellow blogger face-to-face for the first time.  She and I have been blogging "together" for about 5 years or so . . . I think she's blogged longer than I have, but we "met" online about 5 years ago when she entered I contest I was having on my blog.  It was so much fun to meet her and her family . . . I hope I can do this with some other blogging friends I've made, but with distance, time and money, it may not happen here on this earth.  While my time with Michelle was brief, it was a blessing that I will always remember.  Michelle's blog can be found at

Me with my friend:)

569.  The gift of Free Bowling.  After our meeting and lunch, I took the boys swimming at one of their favourite pools, followed by free bowling!  Yes, FREE bowling!  There is a program that runs during the months of July and August in our local city (and many cities across North America), which offers free bowling for kids.  Parents can join too, for a minimal fee.  We had a lot of fun, even though none of us were very good.   Hopefully by the end of the summer we will have developed some skills.  To check out the free bowling in your area, follow this link:

 Mitchell with his favourite green ball.

 Ty getting ready to throw.

 I'm pretty sure I was talking here . . .

570.  The gift of Being Involved in Vacation Bible School.  The boys and I took part in Vacation Bible School this year in various forms . . . I worked at the Registration Desk, Mitchell was an actor named "Hunter" in the opening and closing skits, and Ty was there as an attendee for the last time.  Next year he is too old to participate, so he'll get to enjoy being a worker as well.

Here is Mitchell as Hunter, with the other characters,
sister Madi and Island Lady, Kamelei.

Ty is working on a craft.


Michelle said...

It was soooooo wonderful to meet you and the boys! I can't thank you enough for going out of your way to take time to visit with me. Hopefully we can do it again at some point...and maybe for a little longer. There are so many things I would love to talk with you about, but 1 hour isn't a whole lot of time to get to know somebody.

Now just think...every time you "threaten" (grin!) to close your blog down because nobody reads or comments, remember that if you weren't still online, that you would have robbed me of our gift of meeting face to face.

P.S. As I was going through your blog (I'm WAY behind), Isaac was here and saw the photo of you and I together. He recognized you immediately, called you Mommy's friend, and then told me he liked you because you have red lips. Too funny!

Michelle said...

Hey! I wrote a big comment for this post and it isn't here. I wonder where it went?

I will have to try and come back and repost something later.