Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bottled Water

Today I am thankful for . . .

602.  The gift of A Solution to our Iron-in-the-Water Problem!!!!!!  Although it is an expensive fix, I am looking forward to having clean water again--water that won't turn my hair and laundry orange!  We were approved for a loan on the equipment we need to remedy the problem, and I thank God for that, because there is no way we could have come up with that much cash on our own right now.

603.  The gift of A Customer Service Agent who actually made my day by waiving some fees that were accumulating on one of my accounts.  I didn't ask him to do this for me . . . I was actually inquiring about something else on my account, and he noticed this particular fee he was able to waive, so he did:)

604.  The gift of A Freshly Painted Bedroom!  It's mine and Wayne's this time . . . finally, after living here for 5.5 years, we no longer have barren, boring, white walls in our bedroom.  I chose the color over two years ago and even bought the paint that long ago; So, today when I opened the can of paint, I wasn't sure if it would still be usable, but after Ty mixed it up with a paint stick for about 10 minutes, it was good as new!  I love the color~it compliments our bedding really well.  "Operation Master Bedroom" is only partially done.  I'm working on some other things before I post pictures of our "new-to-us" bedroom, but the following is the new color of our walls and ceiling . . . the color is called Bottled Water.  I'm not sure how "true" it is going to come out in this blog post, but the color is very subtle and calming.  It's a light blue/green shade.  If you double-click on the image, it will probably be more realistic to the actual color.

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