Thursday, May 24, 2012


Today I am thankful for . . .

435.  The gift of A Chance Meeting that Led to Going Out for Coffee with Friends.  Okay, well, I don't really believe in "chance" meetings -- I know this "meeting" was implemented by God.  And it was just what was needed for both myself and the friends I connected with tonight.  Spontaneity is a grand thing--a valuable lesson I have learned over the years from my husband.

436.  The gift of Knowing Another Soul is in Heaven.  Our church family lost a beautiful woman today.  She recently became ill and from the time we were all made aware of her illness until her passing (today), less than two weeks have passed.  While we mourn on earth, we know she is where her heart was -- with Jesus, her Saviour.

437.  The gift of Warm Blankets.  It's cold here where I live.  We haven't turned on our furnace for weeks, and I'm not about to now, since it's supposed to be close to summer . . . so, a warm blanket is definitely something I'm thankful for at this moment.

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