Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dose of Vitamin D

Today I am thankful for . . .

450.  The gift of Finding a Tick in My Hair Before It Made Contact with My Skin.  Yuck.  That's all I'll say.  Now I feel like they're crawling all over me constantly - not a good feeling.

451.  The gift of Working in Soil.  Today I finally got out to some of my flowerbeds to weed and dig and transplant, and plant.  I don't have any of my annuals purchased yet--not sure when that's going to happen; but I bought some herbs and made two herb bowls, planted some bulb-flowers that a friend gave me, and transplanted some pre-existing perennials and moved them to different parts of the yard.  What I thought was going to take me about an hour to do took three hours.  I definitely got my dose of Vitamin D today!

452.  The gift of Two Days Off at the Beginning of the Week.  Usually I work Monday to Wednesday; this week, due to some scheduling changes, I had Monday and Tuesday off.  While it made for an extra-long weekend (backwards), it feels strange to be returning to work tomorrow, in the middle of the week.  I hope I make it--I'm still very tired from my life's events over the past two weeks.  I am looking forward to the end of June!

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~Rain``` said...

Yay! End of June... :)