Friday, May 11, 2012

Babies, Men and Cornbread

Today I am thankful for . . .

396. The gift of A Son for Some Very Good Friends of Ours. Wayne's best friend and his wife were blessed with their third child today . . . a baby boy . . . a brother for two older sisters, whom I am sure are thrilled!

397. The gift of My Husband's Opportunity to Attend MAN CAMP. This is his third or fourth time attending, and I know he was counting down the hours til he could head out the door, load up his quad, guns and other stuff that a man needs for camping . . . I hope he has a fabulous time, and that he will be be rejuvenated by nature and other Godly men.

398. The gift of Fresh Cornbread. Wayne's been bugging me for a while to make cornbread, so I finally did today, and it was super-delicious!

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Michelle said...

We love homemade cornbread, though I haven't made it in quite awhile now. I have, however, got barbecue ribs, mac and cheese, and cornbread on the menu for the upcoming week when Matthew gets home from college. I can't wait.