Monday, April 23, 2012

Triple Wammy Thankfuls

So, my Internet was down for a while.  I went to write my "thankful post" on Saturday night before going to bed, and I could not get on to my blog.  I tried again Sunday morning and Sunday evening, but still, no Internet.  Finally our connection returned today.  So, I guess I "owe" this blog nine "Thankfuls" today, to make-up for the lack of Saturday and Sunday.  And this is really bugging me, because it now appears that I didn't post every day in 2012.  Oh well.  That's life:)

Today, and yesterday, and the day-before-yesterday I am/was thankful for:

335.  The gift of The Undeniable Fresh Scent of Clean Laundry.  On Saturday I did about 11 loads of laundry.

336.  The gift of Discovering Fish that I can tolerate eating.  Last week the boys and I were in Costco and they had a sample of fish.  Of course the boys dove right in; I was hesitant, but it looked and smelled so good, I had to try it.  For the record, I hate fish.  I wish I didn't, but I do.  So, as it turns out, this stuff was really good for my non-fish taste buds.  It didn't taste fishy at all.  It was Highliner's Basil Pesto Tilapia.  We had it for supper on Saturday night and my husband enjoyed it too.  He's another fish-hater.  But I think we've found ourselves a winner.  My doctor will be so happy.

337.  The gift of Relaxing at the end of a very busy day.  Wayne and I watched a movie.  We haven't done that for a very. long. time.

338.  The gift of Candidating a Pastoral Prospect at our church.  I am not sure of the outcome of the "vote", as we were not able to stay for the meeting following the sermon of the candidating pastoral couple, but I really enjoyed the enthusiastic style of preaching that was presented.  Our church is currently doing a series on "Faith" and this pastoral candidate did an excellent job of presenting his thoughts.

339.  The gift of a Jysk Store, on my side of the city.  Our closest city has had a Jysk store for years; however, it's on the other side of the city; a part of the city I don't find myself in too often.  Now there is a new Jysk right in the heart of where I usually shop.  For those of you who don't know, Jysk is kind of like an Ikea-wanna-be, but much smaller than Ikea.  I love just browsing at all the stuff they have, and I have come across some amazing deals on home decor there.

340.  The gift of Celebrating the birthday of my husband's best friend.  I made his favourite cheesecake for his gift, and his wife hosted a b-b-q supper for our family to enjoy with their family.  She's due to have a baby any day now, so I know it was probably difficult to have company in her state; but she and I both know that our husbands "need" their time together on a regular basis in order to maintain their sanity.

341.  The gift of an Empathetic Husband and Boys.  This afternoon, I made supper (barely) and then crashed on the couch with my blanket and heating pad.  I was not doing well and I felt bad leaving them to eat on their own; but I was toast.  Afterwards, they did all the dishes from yesterday (which had accumulated because we were gone to church and to our friends' house for the day), plus today.  There were a lot of dishes; but they let me rest and took care of everything.  I felt so blessed.

342.  The gift of Yard Work.  Yes, you heard it here first.  I am qualifying yard work as a gift.  Anything is possible once you start to view the world with more thanksgiving in your heart.  After my rest on the couch, I was feeling much better, so we all headed outside and began the huge task of raking leaves.  I could not believe how many of my perennial plants had already begun to emerge underneath all those leaves; and some of them are pretty big already!  The boys were troopers as we all used our brand new rakes (incentive for them . . . plus a necessity).  Little by little, we will get this done.  And we all enjoyed ourselves. 

343.  The gift of A Beautiful Day.  Our thermometer reached plus 24 degrees Celsius this afternoon, which made this evening gorgeous.  The only negative in my outdoor experience today was the fact that I saw several mosquitoes out there.  Not fun.  Not good.  But, food for the dragonflies!

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Anonymous said...

Kim - I enjoy reading your blog almost daily. It reminds me of a long while back when I did a gratitude journal for a year - I still have it somewhere - listing 3 to 5 things I was thankful for each day. What a great exercise in searching for the gifts of each day, even if on some days it was "I am thankful for my bed at the end of the day." I'm so looking forward to our visit! Thanks again for all of your inspiration and encouragement that comes through on your blog.