Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Power Source

This week has been exhausting.  My work schedule included only three days this week, but all three days, I've arrived home, helped the boys with their work, dropped on the couch for a nap and then proceeded with making supper.  And despite the nap, an early bedtime was still required.  I'm not sure if it's because I potentially over-did it last week by doing some pretty-intensive spring-cleaning; hosting a party for women plus a family for a day-visit; if it's just getting back into our regular routine this week following the Easter break; or, if it's the emotionally-draining responsibilities I have as I attempt to educate my own children, in addition to children that are not my own. 

This week my employment students (i.e. the ones I get paid in dollars to educate), have been very trying.  I think Spring Fever has hit and all I can say is that it's going to be a LLLL-OOOO-NNNN-GGGG ten or so weeks until the end of June if their challenging behaviors continue until the end.  Thankfully, my non-employment students (i.e. the ones I don't get paid in dollars to educate, but it's still SO worth it), have not been giving me the same issues.  Their "school" is done in about 6 weeks, if all goes according to plan. 

I am really looking forward to the summer holidays.  I am looking forward to all that I know will be accomplished between now and June 30th.  But a huge part of me wishes that I wouldn't have to go through all the physical, mental and emotional labour to achieve the goals I have for my family, my students, my house and my yard prior to June 30th.  Wouldn't it be great if we could just "will" things to get done.  Unfortunately, that can't happen.  So I guess it means I had better get my butt in gear this year and actually make the yard as good as it can get.  And I should use my time this spring and summer more efficiently than ever before.  And I should not become lethargic or lazy.  And I should not expect others to do things for me that I am capable of doing myself.  And in the midst of this I should still attempt to savour every moment of each hour, every hour of each day, every day of each week, every week of each month, every month of each year and every year of this life that God has so graciously given me to live.

I was just telling one of my "new" friends the other day that I am SO grateful for each morning that I awake--to be alive.  And I am SO grateful every time I walk through my door to be greeted by my kids and/or my husband, knowing full-well that each day is a gift that is not to be taken for granted.  I want to honour God with my days and acknowledge that everything good comes from Him.  He is my source of life, of strength and of energy.  For He says, "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."  (Matthew 11:28)

So, I come.  I ask for His strength, wisdom and power to see me through the days ahead.

Today I am thankful for . . . .

326.  The gift of Safety in Travel.

327.  The gift of Knowing I have a Source of Strength from which to draw power when I feel weak.  That source of power is God.

328.  The gift of The Sound of the Alarm Clock not to wake me up, but to let me know I am still ALIVE and essentially, that means I have a purpose to fulfill.


~Rain``` said...

I really love spring, but I also enjoy the rest of winter when it comes to yard work. We have so much to do as well!!! I get overwhelmed, at times. But I am trying to make realistic goals and enjoy every moment of the warmer weather.

You are doing such an awesome job being thankful. Inspirational! :)

Janine said...

One step at a time preceded by prayer. You'll get there. Love and hugs and don't wear yourself out by taking on too much! :)

Anita said...

Thanks for the reminder that every day is a gift (because it truly is), and it is easy to forget that with challenging days and a busy schedule. I can't wait for summer holidays, but I have to remind myself to enjoy each day until then as well. :o)

Lovella said...

Thanks, Kim, for your "thankful" posts. They've been an encouragement to me to be more thankful each day. I find an exercise that helps me (which I don't do every day) is to think of things I'm thankful for before I even get myself out of bed. Starts the day off with a positive outlook. And I'm with Janine--don't take on more than you can actually handle!!