Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More Cleaning

Billy and I
Today I am thankful for . . . .

302.  The gift of A Clean Office.  I didn't realize how bad the state of our office was until I started cleaning it, at which point I questioned why I was putting myself through the torture---and in answer to that question, it is because I function better in "neat and clean" as opposed to "messy and chaotic".  Since the boys and I are on holidays this week, we have been making the most of the time to clean.  That being said, I still spent 3 hours watching television tonight - Two episodes of House and one episode of Chopped.  I think that's about the longest I've watched t.v. in one sitting since last summer.

303.  The gift of Grandparents for my boys to visit.  I took the boys to my parents' house this morning and I'll go pick them up tomorrow sometime.  It helps me to focus on getting cleaning done when I don't have to be on a "schedule" for meals, etc.  Wayne is working evenings this week, so today it was mostly just me and the dogs hanging out.

304.  The gift of A Very Special Puppy named Billy.  Billy is the last puppy to leave our home.  After having him live with us for the past 10.5 weeks, it is going to be really hard to see him go.  Thankfully, he's going to become my parents' dog as of tomorrow, which means we'll get to see him often.  He's just so adorable.  I hope my parents enjoy him as much as we have!

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