Monday, March 12, 2012

Oh, Canada!

Today I am thankful for . . .

215.  The gift of Sparkling Lip Gloss from Mary Kay.  You should try it.  I was at a Mary Kay party a couple of months ago, and if I spent a certain amount of money, I received a bonus pack of 6 mini-lip glosses.  I love their lip gloss, and it's so fun to have different shades to try out.  Not all the shades sparkle . . . I haven't really been paying attention to which ones do and which ones don't; I just try a different shade each day and my students always ask me how I get my lips so sparkly and shiny.  I think it's hilarious that they notice these subtle things.

216.  The gift of Tired Boys.  I love it when they are so tired that they don't let out a single complaint when it's bedtime.  That's how it was tonight for them.  I think Ty was almost sleeping as he headed up the stairs to his bedroom.  That's what playing in the puddles will do to you, I guess.

217.  The gift of My Country, Canada.  The boys are studying Canadian History as part of their Social Studies, and I am learning more about the history of my country now than I did when I was in school.  This is no lie.  And honestly, I had NO idea what sacrifices the "builders of our country" made in order for us to become one nation.

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