Sunday, January 8, 2012

What the Year May Hold

2012.  One week in and so far I can say it has been a good year:)

Last week I felt like I was finally able to "catch my breath" after the month of December.  However, I still have a very messy house, Christmas decorations to take down and put away (why is it always more fun to put them up than take them down?), rust in our water lines, and a fruit-fly (or drain fly?) problem that I cannot seem to get a handle on.

But today I am supposed to rest.  So, I will try.  I will enjoy the day as it was intended to be and try to ignore the list of things mentioned above, which, in the grand scheme of things, are trivial matters.

I look forward to what the year holds.  This is what we plan to do:  a trip to our province's Science Centre; attending a Chris Tomlin concert in our nearest city; the premiere of our women's ministry Spring Fling at church; a visit from a friend whom I haven't seen for many years; celebrating 15 years of marriage; turning 40 years old; welcoming the teen years for one of the boys; celebrating one of our niece's high school graduation; another Sisters' Weekend (I hope); renovating our laundry room to include a sink, toilet and tub; the arrival Alaska's puppies; inviting women into my home for fun and fellowship; spending time with more friends over coffee or supper; taking the boys to a mineral spa hotel and exploring tunnels which were supposedly occupied by Al Capone; camping with the boys; finishing the school year and beginning another one; celebrating Christmas in 2012!

Filling-in-the-spaces between those events, only God knows.

Today, I am thankful for:

22.  The gift of Women with whom I connect each month as we discover God's Word together; they are all such a blessing to me and it is a privilege to lead them in this way.

23.  The gift of My Best Friend's Daughters, who are always so excited to see me.

24.  The gift of Rest.

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