Friday, January 27, 2012

The Power of Words

Whenever I purchase a new CD, I listen to it over and over and over until the lyrics are "sunk" into my brain (and soul) . . . just in case I want to sing along with the CD in the future . . . I've already revealed my "secret" dream in a previous post, which isn't a secret any longer.  Having the ability to tell a story through songs like Matthew West would be a dream come true; however, I'm not that talented, but he is and I'm loving his album.

Here is a sampling of some of the lyrics by Matthew West that I'm finding particularly meaningful:

"This is the story of your life
You decide how the rest is gonna read
This is your chance between the lines to redefine
What kind of legacy you leave"
~The Story of Your Life~

"Lord, right now I'm asking You to be
Strong enough, strong enough
For the both of us
Well maybe, maybe that's the point
to reach the point of giving up
'Cause when I'm finally, finally at rock bottom
Well that's when I start looking up
And reaching out
'Cause I'm broken
Down to nothing
But I'm still holding on to one thing
You are God . . . "
~Strong Enough~

"When you laugh
That's my favourite song
And all the gray is gone
Every single time I see you smile
I just haven't seen it in a while
So go on and dream
Bigger dreams than this town's ever seen before
There are just two kinds of people
Ones who say you're just not able
And the ones who change the world
And you're gonna change the world
~To Me~

"You've been dropped like a dream to the floor
You've been told not to try anymore
But you're waking from yesterday's war
'Cause you're a survivor"

"Well, I know you're past the point of broken
Surrounded by your fear
I know your feet are tired and weary
From the road that you walk down here
But just keep your eyes on Heaven,
and I know that you are not alone
Remember the reason for the world
No ear has heard, no eye has seen
Not even in your wildest dreams
The beauty that awaits beyond the world
When you look into the eyes of grace
And hear the voice of mercy say
Child, welcome to the reason for the world
~The Reason for the World~

"There's a world full of people dying from broken hearts
Holding on to their guilt, thinking they fell too far
So don't be afraid to show 'em your beautiful scars
'Cause they're the proof, yeah you're the proof"
~The Healing Has Begun~

Today, I am thankful for . . .

79.  The gift of Eating Supper At One of My Favourite Restaurants.
80.  The gift of Watching My Boys Interact with their friends.
81.  The gift of Realization.

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Michelle said...


I don't get on her to post comments nearly enough, but I do read each thing that you write and have really been enjoying your regular posting. Even in your shorter posts, you have so many great things to share.

Have a wonderful weekend.