Sunday, January 16, 2011

Maybe I Shouldn't Have Said Anything

I have something called Feedjit, which allows me to gain insight into where my blog readers are located and at what time of day my blog was viewed by that person.  I have no way to determine the actual identity of the person reading my blog, but since my last post, I can tell that many have read, but only two have commented, which leads me to believe that most of your are at a loss-for-words regarding my last post.  It begs the question - do you have an opinion on this?  Is the "silence" to be viewed as negative?  Or maybe, my readers just don't care.  I'm not sure.

But it's times like these where I really wonder why I blog.

If you are a faithful reader of my blog, please don't take any of this personally.  I am just wondering what's going on . . . because usually when I write posts that are more deeply personal, I get more of a response than I have.  For some reason this post is just not eliciting the type of response I was expecting.


michelle said...

Honestly, I am one of your faithful readers, who reads everything that you write as soon as I see it. The problem comes in that I rarely have time to reflect on something and then find the time to respond in a timely manner...especially with Isaac. So many times, I read a post from you and just wish I could pick up the phone and talk to you about it instead of trying to put my thoughts into a three sentence paragraph, which wouldn't really do it justice.

This last post of yours was especially that way. I homeschooled my kids up to 10th and 9th grades respectively and I saw them crushed within the system in the reverse of how you describe your son reacting to being released from school. I have many years of homeschool experience and used to consult for a number of homeschool parents when we were in Oregon. I taught public school in Saskatoon and surrounding area. I understand the culture and how homeschooling can be misunderstood...seriously Kimmy, I can't possibly touch on everything here while my baby is up in his crib looking at books (grin!), but if you want to contact me directly, or even talk, just shoot me an email.

Just know that my thoughts and prayers are with you.


Chris said...

I'm really glad you shared your last post... gave some insight into some of your previously 'mysterious' posts. Very glad to hear how things have changed with M and that you're seeing positive results. I've worried about bullying with E too, but so far I think things are stable... praying for these boys of ours to develop a strong sense of their value in Christ in order to be more impervious to opinions of others. Have also realized the necessity of conversations regarding rumors and how they hurt already. ugh! This only grade 3!!

I have been super-curious about life in a colony classroom, and am happy you can share even just a little. I've been lousy at blogging (not going to quit, just not picking up the guilt over it) and I lurk more than I comment, but I pray for you too, and always check in when my reader shows you've written. Blessings my friend... we love your heart.

Anonymous said...

If only blogs had the "like" button like facebook! Quite often I read a blog post but find it hard to know what to write as a comment - even if I have found it interesting or thought-provoking.

I do read your blog occasionally and enjoy your perspective on life. I also can relate to some of the job and parenting struggles you have written about. Thanks for sharing.


stacey said...

you are an awesome mom and how incredible that you made such a sacrifice for that sweet boy of yours. i know you can do it!!

and girl, i gave up stats a long time ago. too much pressure! i just write for myself and figure whoever comes along for the ride is just a bonus! :)

Kari said...

I was just too lazy to comment! I think it is great that you are homeschooling your son. You can do this and he will do wonderfully!

Melanie said...

I read your blog regularly as well. I just have a hard time putting thoughts into words.
We are finding out how much of school is a struggle for L in grade 1. Home schooling in not an option for us, mainly because she shuts down as soon as we try to teach her anything. After speaking with teachers there is a thought that she might have a short term memory problem or might be dyslexic. But to get her into the programs she needs is either a 2 year wait or incredibly expensive. So we are trying all we can within the school system, but with all the cutbacks it is so hard. I thank God she loves to go to school and has an amazing teacher. It is so hard to watch your kids struggle and you as a parent has to do what is right for you and your child and it is different for every child.