Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lightening the Load

My September activity load seems to be lightening a bit, for which I am thankful.

Somehow God is working out some things without me doing a whole lot of trying, which is good, because right now my physical health is taking its toll on me in a way that I could not have predicted a few weeks back.

The good news is:  Mitchell's sports are either ending sooner or starting later than originally planned; I've got one less respite weekend to provide due to unforeseen circumstances in my foster mom friend's life; many other parents have volunteered to help out with The Bridge ministry at our church--and September's event is all ready to go; my little something involving cheesecake is proceeding as planned, which I am really looking forward to--I almost postponed its debut until next month due to my anxiety level, but I felt an internal prompting to make it happen despite how overwhelmed I feel; my work schedule has decreased and I now have a more stable pattern of working Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, which means I get 5-day weekends pretty-much all the time; it's been raining here for the last couple of days, so pressure to work outside is non-existent.  There's not a lot I can do in these wet conditions; and I just feel less overwhelmed in general, which is a bonus. 

I am experiencing peace and am looking forward to the many events that still lie ahead this month!  I am trying to rest my body as much as possible since my little accident (even though my mind is not at rest).  Tomorrow I'm having a day to myself--getting my hair cut, meeting a friend for lunch, having a massage--yes, it's going to be a great day!

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Kim said...

That's awesome Kim. God does answer prayers! I'm glad things are looking better for you!