Friday, June 25, 2010

Kimmy, Kimmy, Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow?

My straw bale garden is coming along quite well . . . at least better than my "regular" gardens ever did, so that makes me happy!

We've had LOTS of rain here the last few weeks, which has alleviated a lot of my responsibility to these bales for keeping them wet. I think the rain has helped a lot.

This is not part of my straw bale garden, but I just wanted to show you all how HUGE my rhubarb has grown this year.  It's never been so big.  I think it's because of all the rain we've had.







More peas

I forgot to take pictures of the melons and pumpkins growing out of the sides of the bales.  They're coming along as well . . . just like I had hoped!


~Rain``` said...

What a unique way to garden!

Chris said...

can you show us what the whole garden looks like? Hard to get the whole picture... sure looks successful so far! I've had to replant a few things, but most is coming up nicely. Pics to come next week hopefully.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your earlier post about this interesting form of gardening. Your plants look really big and healthy!


stacey said...

been wondering!

Ryan and Melanie said...

Looks great! YOu are very creative:)

Cons-structions said...

Hey Kimmy--how cool! Your garden looks GREAT!!!!! Maybe next year I'll have to put some bales in my carport and grow a garden. Hahaha!