Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This, That and Other Things

Wow.  I really need to get back to writing posts on all the thoughts going through my head the last couple of weeks. 

Unfortunately, it seems that I never get to it.  Never enough time.  Or maybe I've been making blogging a smaller priority than I should.  And I say should, because I always find writing to be a bit of an escape; my blog is my own.  While the rest of the world around me is in a chaotic state, I can come to my blog and look at something that's organized and pretty.  Not too much organization or prettiness in my house right now.

Last week the boys spent four days at my parents' house so that I could focus on painting.  And that's exactly what I did.  A huge sense of relief has come upon me since I have nearly finished my main-floor painting.  The living room/dining room area is done, minus the one wall that I cannot get at because our new laminate floor (39 boxes of it) is stacked against it.  I had enough strength to move our piano and china cabinet away from the walls so that I could paint behind them properly, but that laminate floor is way too heavy for me to move.  I'll have to wait until Wayne gets started on the floor installation.  As he gets it done, I'll be able to acess the unpainted wall and finish everything off.

In my painting frenzy, I decided to carry on into some other areas of the house.  I discovered a new color called Stone Hearth, which, in normal color terms, is chocolate brown;  A very nice compliment to my Champagne Glass color for the living room/dining room walls.  Stone Hearth is the color I chose for the built-in cabinets that were previously a purple-magenta color (not by my choosing).  Stone Hearth has also made it's way onto two other walls . . . one at the bottom of our stairs leading to our second floor; the other wall I painted in that color is in our main entranceway.  I've got a complimentary color to paint the other walls (I have yet to do this) . . . I call it Moccachinno.  I think it's going to look great once it's all done.

Wayne was working the night shift last week and continues to do so this week, so he hasn't had much time or energy to devote to the installation of the laminate floor yet.  He has, however, been working on my new cold room in the basement, which I am extremely excited to have.  It is going to serve as a storage room as well, so all the extra stuff we've got has a home until we need it.

It's been raining here for a few days and our yard is a royal mess!  Last week while I was stuck inside painting, the temperatures were soaring and the sun was drying up our yard.  Well, unfortunately, it's not so dry anymore.  I know the farmers need this moisture, but I don't need it.  I don't even like it.  What it means for me is muddy kids, muddy dogs, muddy husband, muddy mess, Mess, MESS!  I like rain.  I just don't like mud.

I returned to school yesterday after the Easter break with a feeling of dread.  Normally I do not experience this;  Usually I look forward to returning to my job after a break.  I think it's because I feel like I need another week to get my house in order.  Right now our place would probably qualify for an episode of "Hoarders".  There is stuff all over the place, waiting to be put in its place; however, until the painting, floor and storage room are done, the stuff has no home.  Therefore, it just sits around, collecting dust.  And I'm about to go over the deep end because of the chaos I currently live in.  No one else seems to mind.  But I do.  And with this dreary, rainy weather, I just feel like crawling under my fleece blanket and sleeping for days.

Today my two female dogs had a huge fight.  I actually thought Pepper was going to kill Alaska.  It happened right when the boys got home from school (they accidentally let Pepper into the house when they came through the door and Pepper immediately sought out Alaska and literally tried to tear her to shreds) . . . there was a lot of crying and screaming going on as I was trying to stop this fight.  I eventually grabbed Pepper's tail and pulled her out of the fight that way.  Not that I wanted to.  She could have easily come around and started an attack on me.  I'm not sure what to do.  I love my dogs dearly.  Pepper is a much-needed source of protection for us at night with outside critters, particularly coyotes.  She is finally growing up and isn't chewing as much and she doesn't jump up on the boys like she used to.  I like her.  I just don't like that she hates my little Alaska.  And Alaska doesn't help matters any, because she's constantly barking at Pepper through the door (I can only imagine what she's trying to tell her . . . )  Alaska is my indoor lap dog and I cannot imagine not having her in my life.  And then there's Harpo.  The lone male in all of this, both Pepper and Alaska like him.  He likes them both.  He's friends with both of them.  I wish Cesar Milan lived nearby so that he could perform his Dog Whispering Magic on my two females.

My job security is looking bleak.  I'm not sure what I'll do next year if I am not given the opportunity to return to my position.  I love the kids I'm working with and I've got a fantastic teacher with whom to work.  I will be very sad if I get news of job loss within the next month.  I'll keep you posted on that one.  And just to clarify, I am not suffering any anxiety over this.  I know that my God is bigger than my job security.  I am just a bit impatient waiting to hear news of our schools' staffing numbers.

People in my world are having babies left, right and centre.  As exciting as this is, it also makes me very nostalgic for the days when my boys were newborns, and I have to fight the battle inside my heart that longs so much for another baby.  Sewing baby blankets and picking out fabric for each new baby doesn't help matters either.  I love blessing these new parents with the blankets, but a piece of my heart goes along with each one I give away.

At the beginning of May I am planning a mini-trip to meet up with a very dear friend of mine.  She lives one province over, and so we're meeting up almost exactly half-way between her place and mine.  It's going to be a two-day, one-night getaway for both of us.  I can hardly wait.  She and I really need to talk, as we are having some similar life experiences right now.  I haven't seen her for almost 3 years, but we've been able to stay in touch through modern technology.  I am looking SO forward to seeing her very soon!

And, my last thought for today surrounds the topic of American Idol.  At the beginning of the season, I thought things were looking pretty boring as far as talent is concerned.  But as the weeks go on, and the weaker contestants get weeded out, I am enjoying the competition more and more.  My favorites are Casey James and Crystal Bowersox.  I'm not sure why the judges originally predicted a predominantly female top ten, because there are only three females left and we've still got over a month of the show to go.  It's on tonight, and I'm looking forward to just sitting back in my recliner with my iced tea, triscuit crackers and soaking up all the music.

That's all she wrote.


Kim said...

Just to encourage you, the disorder around you is only for a time, but I know the feeling I hate when my house is a mess.
It's good to know I'm not the only one who longs for another baby sometimes. I love the stage we are in with the boys, but the baby stage had it's great moments as well.
I hope you have a great little get-a-way. Maybe someday we could all get together again too :)
Love to read your blog, just wish we could have coffee sometime and trade tips on raising boys!!!

~Rain``` said...

Good for you for getting a lot of that painting done! You guys are doing a great job in renovating your home and making it yours.

It is my hope and pray that God will provided you with employment next year. I know what you mean about being impatient. We are in the same boat.

Even though I am due any day now (Oh please Lord, soon!), I can understand the longing for the baby stage. Since this child will most probably be our last, I am already grieving the loss being able to have children. True, we only desired two children at this stage in our life. But, it means something else to actually face that reality.

Anonymous said...

you moved a piano and a china cabinet??? Oh wow Kimmy, you are my hero!! Who would have thought that a little (skinny) girl like you could do that? Impressive!!