Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Seven Things About Me - Beautiful Blogger Award

I recently received the above award from fellow-blogger, Chris. Thank you for this honor. Of course, I was thrilled to find out it had a theme of seven involved, since seven is my favorite number. I am to nominate seven other bloggers for this award. Here they are in random order: Connie, Mykal, Becky, Stacey, Bev, Kristy and Rain. Some of these gals are blogging friends, some are friends in real-life and some are relatives. May you all be encouraged, ladies. You all hold a special place in my heart, which is why I chose you for this award. And if you choose not to pass on this award to other bloggers, that's fine. I know some of you are new to blogging, so it may be difficult for you to find seven other bloggers to bless with the award. No problem. Just enjoy the honor of being a recipient. You are all beautiful.

So, here are my "Seven (Random) Things About Me" which I am required to post as a result of receiving this award:

1. I moved to our current home three years ago and have yet to complete all the painting I set out to do upon moving here. Pathetic, I know. Part of the problem is that I once LOVED to paint walls and ceilings, but now, probably due to painting overload, I dread painting. But I seriously need to get my butt in gear and get to work. One of my boys is still living in a room with a painted cloud-like ceiling. Not so cool for a 10-year old boy.
2. Speaking of butts, I have always thought mine to be rather large in comparison to the rest of my body. When weight-gain happens to me, the fat always seems to find its way to my thighs and buttocks. I'm currently in a state of general unhappiness with my body, which typically occurs this time of year. I'm not sure what it is about January-February, but my metabolism must slow down dramatically because I usually gain 5 - 10 pounds right about now. I despise that fact and what it means is way. more. exercise. and way. less. snacking.
3. While we're on the topic of snacks, I must say that one of my favorites is Triscuit crackers. There are so many new varieties of Triscuits now . . . my favorites are Roasted Tomato & Olive Oil with melted cheddar cheese on top, and Cracked Pepper & Olive Oil with spreadable cream cheese. When we have no leftovers for me to have for lunch, I eat Triscuit crackers.
4. Totally different topic . . . my husband and boys gave me a sewing machine for Christmas. I haven't sewn since high school Home-Ec class, so I've got a bit of re-learning to do. But I've been scanning the Internet looking for easy projects to start with and I'm excited with what I've discovered. I can hardly wait to get to a fabric store and buy some supplies. I'm also looking forward to trying to sew some of my own clothes, once I've got some practice.
5. I'm obsessed with the television show, Little House on the Prairie. I currently do not own the entire 10 seasons, but it would be a dream-come-true if I did. I get to watch the show on satellite every day with the boys. They love it too. I think that considering the era in which the series was produced, it is phenomenal, with incredible acting. I've seen the first couple of seasons a few times (due to the fact that the T.V. station only plays Seasons 1, 2, 3 and part of 4 over-and-over), but I never tire of watching the same episodes more than once. I'm currently reading the Laura Ingalls Wilder series of books as well, which I borrowed from my best friend. Right now I'm enjoying Farmer Boy. I keep hinting at my family that I'd like the entire book and television series . . . maybe one day I'll own both.
6. I collect recipes. I've compiled my very own cookbook which has been a gift for friends and family, and I own more recipe books than I care to admit. Unfortunately, there are not enough meals left in my lifetime to use every recipe in every single recipe book that I own. My favorite recipe books are Company's Coming by Jean Pare. I also love to use the Kraft Canada website and Cooks.com website to find just the right recipe for what I'm dying to make.
7. I own three dogs and I wish I owned more. I have two Bichon Frises and one Blue Heeler. I would love to own a miniature Doberman, Newfoundland, Great Dane and a Great Pyrenees.


Kristy said...

You are so sweet !!!
Thank you for thinking of me.
I loved your 7 random things - your just too stinkin cute Kimmy!
I'll have to get busy with mine, now!

Lovella said...

Thanks for posting, Kimmy! I actually learned some things about you that I didn't know. And if your butt is too big, then mine's humungous!! HaHa! And I would really like a Great Dane, too! Love you.

Becky said...

Thanks Kim!!!

And ditto to number one and number six. I imagine that by the time I finish painting the boys' room, the cars and clouds will seriously be way not cool. :) And I have my own cook book too! It's a binder with all my faves, and most of them have pictures. I love recipes with pictures. I also love Company's Coming, the Asian one has two of my fave recipes EVER!!!

Cons-structions said...

Thanks, Kimmy. I am honoured to receive your reward...although, it is true, I do not have 7 blogger friends to pass on the award...but I definitely enjoyed learning more about my "little sister." Hopefully, the sewing ability will quickly return..as well as the desire to paint!
Love you.

stacey said...

love triscuits! love that you are going to try to sew again! i sewed in home ec and then never again until i did my dtr's nursery. you can do it!

Beverly said...

Hi Kim,
Oh thank you so much for thinking of me - that is SO sweet!! :) I'm sorry I haven't responded to it yet on my blog; I'm having a terrible time with my blog entry lately - don't know why. Anyway, great post and good to read all these interesting things about you and your life. Love you!