Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hairstyle Poll

Okay, you faithful readers (all 7 of you!) . . . I need some hair advice. Which hairstyle do you like better for me? Bangs or no bangs?

I really liked having bangs when they were the appropriate length (see first picture below). However, as my bangs grew out and I attempted to "trim" them myself, a disaster happened. So, I am currently growing them out (see second picture below). I am planning to get a haircut before Christmas and I would like your opinion on which style you like better.

For the record, when I had bangs, people told me I looked like a teenager (I took it as a compliment); however, not having to contend with the upkeep of bangs definitely has its advantages.

I am currently on a quest to have long enough hair so that I can cut it off and donate it to an organization that will use it to help make wigs for cancer patients. Getting bangs again does not hamper my ability to donate my hair, as it is my ponytail that will be given.

I am really in a dilemma about this . . . when I ask my husband his opinion, he says he loves me no matter what my hair looks like, so yeah, not a lot of help.

I should also mention here that if I get bangs again my hair won't look exactly like it does in the first picture, because my hair isn't as blonde now as it was a year ago. Also, I wear my glasses a lot more now, and I'm not sure how they will look on me if I have bangs.

I value your opinion . . . please vote in my poll which is near the top of my sidebar. Feel free to leave comments as well. I LOVE comments.

One year ago . . . with bangs--and very blonde

Now . . . no bangs--and not as blonde


michelle said...

I love the no-bangs look so much better. (Not that my opinion should count for anything, since we haven't even officially met.) At this point for me, I would be happy to just have some hair to work with. After having the baby, I lost so much of it, and what is left, he keeps pulling out by the handfuls.


Anonymous said...

I too prefer the no-bangs. But with that said both are beautiful!
Katrina F

Kim said...

I'd vote for no bangs and I like the darker look. The attention is drawn to your beautiful eyes in the no bangs picture. That's my two cents! :)

The Walker Family said...

Kim you look great with no bangs, and if you can pull that off; go for it.(I can't do it) I also like the darker are beautiful! My Mom had forgotten your name one time and referred to you as the "pretty one"...either way, you are set!

Lovella said...

I'm going to suggest as Connie did on facebook is to go with no bangs and then if you really want them you can change your mind later. I really like the "no bangs" look on you. You should also check with the cancer society if they accept hair that's been colored. Bethany donated her hair and her hairdresser said they liked "virgin hair"--not colored or permed, but maybe that's just a preference and not a "has to".

~Rain``` said...

Hey Kimmy, though you look great in both, I would go with no-bangs. Like said by others, your face's features are framed better with bangs.

stacey said...

i like the bangs, but i think you are like me...harder to do when wearing glasses and enjoy the versatility of not having bangs and pulling hair back! love the new family pics!