Thursday, September 24, 2009

We've Come So Far

How the years can pass so quickly is beyond me. It is Mitchell's TENTH birthday today, and I cannot believe that my once 7 lb. 4 oz. baby is now ten times his birthweight. In honor of his tenth birthday, I am going to list ten things about Mitchell Scott Bentin that I admire most:

1. Creativity and imagination.
2. Ability to "babysit" his baby cousins.
3. His building and putting-together skills.
4. Great memory.
5. Physical strength for his size.
6. Athletic endurance, especially in running sports.
7. Helpfulness in the kitchen for me and in the shop for his dad.
8. Ability to control our usually out-of-control dog, Pepper.
9. Relational abilities with girls.
10. His desire to follow God.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MITCHELL! You are so precious to me.


~Rain``` said...

Happy Birthday Mitchell! You are awesome. And thanks for hanging out with A. when she visits!

stacey said...

What a handsome birthday boy!!!

Brenda said...

He sounds like a great guy!! Happy Birthday!

Kristy said...

Sweet boy. Beautiful mama !!
I have missed you too!!
Sorry to hear about your Father-in-law - but rejoicing that he's in Heaven with our Creator!!
Blessings on you sweet friend.

plettdaphne said...

Kimmhy - I love the new background on your blog - it looks great - great color!