Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I know I've been Missing In Action this past month, but June has been extremely busy for us. July is looking to be just as busy, but with different busy "stuff" than June had. School is officially over and we are now on holidays! Yippee! I've got a mental list of about 107 things to get accomplished this summer, and one of those things is to get the mental list down on paper so that I can check-off the things that I have accomplished and ponder the list of things I have yet to do. Maybe I'll post my list on my sidebar and keep track of it that way.

I've got a few posts brewing in my mind, with titles such as these: Brown (finally . . . I think I was supposed to post on this several months ago); Jamming Up the Turbo; The Total Package; Adam and Eve's Gift to Us; Flowers; My Clydesdale; Lincoln (Linx)--You Were a Surprise Package; Why a Pacifist Learned How to use a Gun . . . and maybe more. Hey, if I get these 8 posts published over the course of the summer I'll be doing good.

Which title are you interested in the most? Leave me a comment and the winning title will get my first thoughts on screen for the summer blogging season.


~Rain``` said...

"Why a Pacifist Learned How to use a Gun" has my vote!

Lovella said...

Being the horse person that I am, I am voting for "the Clydesdale".

plettdaphne said...

I vote for "Jamming up the Turbo" because I need some exercising inspiration!