Friday, December 19, 2008

For The Person Who Has Everything

There are always a few people on our gift-giving list who baffle me with what we should buy them for Christmas. This year I have officially found a solution to the age-old problem of what to get someone who has everything, or in the very least, does not need more clutter in their home, office or personal space.

This year we decided to give gifts in honour of the recipient of the gift, by way of choosing items from the World Vision Gift Catalog. These gifts actually become an investment in the future of a child or family in a far-away place. You can print cards from the website or send an e-card to notify the recipient of the gift you've chosen for them.

Mitchell and Ty honoured their teachers today with the gift of Textbooks for a teacher in a third-world country. In many schools around the world, a teacher may have only one textbook for the entire class to share. And now there is a teacher in another country who will be blessed with more resources to assist in effective teaching, simply because there are more books to go around. The boys' teachers were thrilled to receive these gifts in their honour. I wasn't sure how they would respond to this, but they were both touched by the gesture.

We will be honouring some other special people with some more gifts this Christmas, and I'm so excited about it. And we've been the recipient of some gifts in our honour as well . . . I think that's pretty cool.


Kimmie said...

Hi Kimmy;

Isn't it nice to bless others!

Hey, we got the okay to go to Ethiopia to get our baby!


We are soooooo Excited!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

~Rain``` said...

What a great idea, especially to bless their teachers in that way!