Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Should Be Used to This By Now

On Tuesday, June 3rd, I inquired as to my employment status for the fall (since my position was just temporary until the end of June 2008), and I was told by my supervisors that yes, I would continue on as my student's Educational Associate in fall.

Two days later, the Principal of our school informed me that as much as he's "praying" (yes, he actually used that word) that I'll be working at the school in fall, there have been some staff cut-backs and he's not sure what that means for our school in particular. So, I now wait. I wait in anticipation and hope; but I also wait in fear that my position may no longer exist come September . . . which leaves me uncertain about what to do in fall and how we will manage without my income.

I really do not enjoy these "tests" of faith. While I have grown in this area in the past year, I still struggle. I love my job and I finally feel like I'm working where I can make a difference in the lives of people . . . in the lives of children . . . in the lives of our "future" so-to-speak. I have never been in a job where I've grown as much as I have in the past three months. My teaching abilities have been able to emerge . . . I honestly didn't know I had it in me. But I'm doing it; and I love it.

While the entire school is counting down the days until summer holidays, I join them in the anticipation of having some time off from school, but I'm really going to miss what I do each day.

In addition to all the other things I've been seeking prayer for either here or on my other blog, may I please add my employment status to the list of prayer requests? I honestly thought that by now the administration would have an answer for me regarding my future, but I've heard nothing yet--and the Principal told me he'd let me know ASAP.

I'm not good at waiting.


Brenda said...

Hmmm. While you are waiting could you check at the board office and see if there are other positions opening? If God wants you working, you will be working. ((((((hugs))))))))

Amy said...

When one door closes another will open. I know it's hard Kimmy for I am not patient, but He will place you where you need to be for that moment. I promise. He promises!

I will be praying for this too, friend. Love you!

Faith said...

What is an educational associate?? We don't have that term here in the states in the public schools.

I also am a teacher and have the summer off. I actually took a position this past year as an assistant teacher as I haven't taught full time (special ed preK) since 1995...I love working part time...
i'll be praying that God's perfect plan for you, will be revealed.