Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Story of My Life

Illustration Friday- Hats

I'm in a situation of "Sink or Swim" right now with regards to all the different "hats" I wear. Unfortunately, this means a decline in my ability to blog . . . to write a post or visit yours. I am really trying to keep my priorities in order, and as much as I'd like to move "blogging" up on my list of priorities, I simply can't. Therefore, please accept my apology for not posting anything in the last few days . . . it's likely going to be like this for a while around here.

Does anyone know how to add more hours to a day?

P.S. I'll post pictures of the puppies as soon as I can.
P.S.S. Thanks for the words of wisdom and encouragement regarding my parenting frustrations.
P.S.S.S. I need warmer weather. RIGHT. NOW.!!!


Amy said...

Hi Kimmy! I am right there with you. I'm always asking the kids if there are any extra hours coming for me...lol! I am wanting to email you so bad a long, long letter and share my heart and my thoughts. Just know that I understand a lot of what is going on with your family. We have alot of the same struggles. My heart is with you, just know that. Hugs to you and a shoulder to cry on if you need it!

Kristy said...

Funny, there is quite a few of us that feel the same as you do.
But it's a good thing.
Blogging has taken a back seat for me as well......still here, just keeping my priorities in check.
Bless you friend.

Kimmie said...

If you find a way to add more hours to the day...pop me off the 'how to' as I'd be so thrilled with THAT solution.


did you say puppies?

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