Sunday, April 6, 2008

Martha, Martha!


While I was on a mini-vacation for the first few weeks of March in-between jobs, I made a new discovery; a discovery I am shocked took me so long to discover.

Martha Stewart has her own television show (no, duh!) and it's taken me until 2008 to find out how great it is! Actually, I don't think it was ever aired on our local stations in years past, so for our neck of the woods I guess it would still be considered a "new" show.

Since I've returned to work, and prior to that during the Easter holidays, I have been recording the show daily. So now I've got about 15+ Martha Stewart shows to catch up on, and quite frankly, I'll never be able to do it.

I am in awe of this woman. And I absolutely want everything her kitchen has to offer! She makes cooking and baking look so easy; that's because she has the most state-of-the-art tools of the trade at her beck and call. I, on the other hand, use a hand-mixer to whip up batters. I use an old-fashioned cheese shredder to shred my cheese. I don't own a food-processor--but I have a little mini chopper that I bought at Wal-Mart for $7.99!

I would love to own every kitchen gadget available to humankind, but I don't. And I know I never will.

Contentment comes in all shapes and sizes, and being content with what you have even applies to kitchen gadgets!


Chris said...

it's true... and this comes from one who handmixes and hand-kneads her bun dough. There is joy in simplicity, even in the midst of elbow grease.

Story of our Life said...

I love Martha!! I'm not a Martha. But I do love her. When she spent time on the house a rest bracelet -- I thought she should still be taping shows.

My Aunt B - is a Martha!!


L, Gala
ps..did you get my email the other day? not sure if I sent it to the right 'kimmy'.

Brenda said...

Martha Stewart has to be a computerized image or something. No one can be that good at EVERYTHING. Maybe I'm an underachiever.

agsew627 said...

Have you checked out her website? I find it an easy way to sift through a lot of useful information, rather than trying to catch up on 15+ missed shows.
Have fun!

Jennifer said...

I just love Martha to, she is my hero, lol. Wish I could be like her.


Kristy said...

Your too stinkin' cute, Kimmy.
This was such an adorable post - how great that you have found contentment, even in your kitchen!!
(I don't have those fancy things either - and I SOOO agree with what Chris said in the above comment!)
Blessings ~

Kristy said...

ps. I miss her "old style" show, did you ever catch that? I liked it better without the live audience......I dunno, it was like quiet and classy, at the same time!