Sunday, February 17, 2008

On Being Yellow

Ever since I posted about what "color" I am, I've been bothered by the results. I guess I feel like the description of a "Yellow" person isn't always the way I am, even though I'd love to be that inviting all the time. To be honest, I'm not. And for anyone who has been a regular reader of my blog over the past year, you'll know that there's a side of me that's not so SUN-SHINEY.

In an attempt to try the test again, this time answering some of the questions where an answer could have been one of two the first time I took the test, I opted to enter the "other" answer and ended up being "ORANGE". Which makes my persona even more attractive than "Yellow". To me, the "Orange" definition was even more appealing than the yellow definition, but I have chosen not to post the "Orange" results. Simply because I want to remain in a realistic state of mind. "Orange" was just too good to be true.

But I've been thinking about this color test over the last several days and have concluded that, perhaps, in a setting aside from my real-life home-life, people
do perceive me to be "Yellow". After posting my "color" results, I received two comments from fellow bloggers. The first "Blue" friend said she wasn't surprised that I was a "Yellow" person. And the second friend, who is also a "Yellow", confirmed my suspicions about her being "Yellow" as well; because to me, SHE IS YELLOW. Her blog is full of Yellow-ness all the time. I admire her for that and I wish I were more like her (even though we've never met face-to-face, she's just very appealing to me). You'll have to check out my comments to find out how to link back to my lovely "Blue" friend and my lovely "Yellow" friend.

I was thinking back to times in my life where people have indicated that I'm "Yellow" to them. Not that they used that color to describe me, but their description of me was that of a "Yellow" person. This baffles me, because I don't really view
myself as being "Yellow". Maybe I should. Then maybe, just maybe, I'd bring more "Yellow" into the "real" world. After all, every husband and child could use a little more sunshine in their day, right?


stacey said...

i can't believe you just wrote this! i did the test and did NOT being "Black" which i think happened b/c i answered a few questions a certain way. i went back and did it again and was much happier overall with the results. i wish i had saved the black descriptions to compare to green, but i was so shocked, i deleted it!!

Kristy said...

You need to throw this whole test out the window, Kimmy.
You are you. A beautiful YOU. A precious, read it again; precious -PRECIOUS child of God. Do you hear me?
Not some color.
Your heart is what keeps us coming back here......and it's why we all love you so much.