Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mitchell's Mission

My meeting on Friday with Mitchell and his teacher resulted in some strategies for more productivity from Mitchell. He actually had a really good day on Friday (prior to the meeting), and told us that he was trying very hard all day not to talk. The teacher had taken note of this and commended him for the improvement she saw in him that day. However, I'm not holding my breath on this. One day of limited talking is a huge accomplishment for him. But I'm not sure he'll be able to do this for the remaining 97 days on the school calendar.

I don't expect him to be silent all day long. That would go against who he is. I just want him to recognize times where he is talking too much or at inappropriate times. I he can get a handle on that, I think life at school will be more manageable for everyone--him, his classmates and his teacher.

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{Karla} said...

Abbie and I have had to have talks about this lately. She has a propensity for getting in her own world and not thinking about what she's doing or where she is.

(She gets that from me...)