Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This, That and the Other Thing

I've been so uninspired to write lately and I'm afraid this feeling is not going to pass. So . . . I am forcing myself to sit down and let you all know what's been going on around here.

The Deepfreeze
Our area has been hit by extreme weather conditions. It began Sunday night with a mini-blizzard and by Monday we were into -30 C (-22F) temperatures and they just kept plummeting. We currently sit at -37 C (-34 F) and with the windchill, it feels like -46 C (-51F). By Thursday temperatures should be back to normal daytime highs for this time of year, but for now, my house is situated in a super-sonic freezer.

As a result of the extreme temperatures and former blizzard-like conditions, I have not been at work for the past two days, nor have the boys been in school. The school bus is not running tomorrow either (the bus driver just told me he can't even get the bus started) but I really feel like I should make an attempt to go in to work tomorrow and if I do, I'll drop the boys off at school on my way. In all reality, another day of me inside with the boys all day long is going to push our cabin fever into extremes as well.

I have not been in the best of moods today, mostly because I'm PMS-ing, but also because days like this make me reminiscent of last year at this time when I wasn't working at a "real" job. Not that I don't like my "real" job and the benefits it brings to our family for me to be working. I am just moping a bit over the fact that I'd rather be at home a lot of days, just for the pure reason I am much more capable of staying on top of my household duties when I'm actually here and not sitting behind a desk all day.

My Accomplishments
My two days at home have provided me with an opportunity to get things done that I've not been able to stay on top of in the past month or so. Since Saturday (I don't include Sunday in this equation, because on Sunday we had family time and played a four-hour long game of Settlers of Catan--Cities and Knights), I've accomplished the following:
~Finished painting my basement in a beautiful color called Faded Denim. It really compliments the Coal Blue;
~Thoroughly cleaned my fridge and discovered what was creating the awful smell (a rotten orange);
~Cleaned, vacuumed and dusted my living room, dining room and kitchen;
~Cleaned my bathroom (which hadn't been done since right after Christmas--I know, too gross!);
~Did five or six loads of laundry;
~Baked two kinds of cake;
~Made several meals for the freezer for future use;
~Got started on organizing and purging toys in the basement to make room for the next project, which is installing the maple laminate floor;
~And here's the most amazing thing I accomplished . . . I actually read two chapters in a book that I've been trying to get to for a couple of months,
Bringing Up Boys by James Dobson. I've read the book before (back in 2001 when Ty was just an infant) and I thought it was time I dug it out again to remind me of the fact that my boys are normal.

Bringing Up Boys
I really struggle to know and understand my boys, simply because of the fact that: a) I am a female; and b) I grew up in a house with four older sisters and one younger brother. I am constantly second-guessing my parenting success or capabilities regarding my boys. And I am very hard on myself when they don't live up to my expectations. I realize that most of the time, my expectations for them and myself are out-to-lunch, but really, I'm just concerned about their futures and how they will turn out as adults. I don't know if other parents obsess over this, but I do. Mine and Wayne's goal is to raise boys that are hard-working, responsible, mature, devoted, faithful, empathetic men who respect women and authority, but most importantly, that love the Lord and follow Him. Is this possible? Wayne works with so many irresponsible males (many between the ages of 18 and 25) who just don't take their jobs or their roles outside of the workplace seriously, and it really scares me. It scares me to think that in just one generation, it has come to this. For the most part, when I graduated 17 years ago, the male population was somewhat more responsible than they are now. Actually, the female population was too. And I don't want to say that the entire younger generation of today are all irresponsible. They're not. But it's a trend I'm noticing as I'm getting older. Maybe that's the problem. I'm getting older and perhaps I expect an 18-year old to take life as seriously as I do? I'm not sure.

Okay, I'm really getting off track. And hopefully I haven't offended anyone.

But the bottom line here is that I'm concerned for my boys. I fear that Wayne and I are not parenting them in a way that will make them successful in the real world. I know they're only 6 and 8, but in 10 short years from now, Mitchell will be graduating. And he was just born. Scary. Yes, I'm scared. And I get myself all stressed out about this stuff and wonder how I'm ever going to see this through.

Weighty Issues
My last topic is that of weight loss. And before I begin, I'll just clarify it's not me that's attempting the weight loss. Although, being surrounded by the people I am, and the fact that they are all trying to lose weight, it has been on my mind quite a bit. For the record, I'm 5 ft. 8 1/2 inches tall (I just measured myself two days ago, and I weigh in at 126 lbs. (I just weighed myself a week-and-a-half ago). According to my stats, my BMI (Body Mass Index) is on the low end of the acceptable/normal range, which suits me just fine. That means I've got some space in the range, in the event that I gain some weight. But for the moment (and I completely hold my breath on this), my metabolism or something is keeping my weight consistent despite the fact that I do very little exercise and my eating habits are anything but great.

Now, after that long introduction, let me tell you why my weight is on my mind. Firstly, two very good friends of mine have recently joined Weight Watchers. They are in it for the second time, and last time they together lost over 50 lbs. in a 4 - 6 month time frame. I was so proud of them! And secondly, the three other women that I work with and see on a daily basis at the office, have all made new years' resolutions to avoid treats, chocolate, coffee, donuts, etc. at all costs. My boss likes to entice us with these sorts of things, and I am now his only ally when it comes to eating unessential, unhealthy food.

So, as you can tell, "weight" has become part of my life. And I admire the five women in my life right now who are making a valiant effort at weight loss. However, the whole weight thing is consuming my mind and I don't like that. When Wayne and I first got married, I weighed myself every morning without fail. I did this until about 3 years ago, when my doctor asked me what I was doing to lose weight, and whatever it was, I should stop, because I was borderline "too skinny" and she advised me not to lose anymore weight. The interesting thing about that whole situation is that I was not, nor have I ever, intentionally tried to lose weight. In my first year of marriage I lost about 10 - 15 pounds. And after Ty was born I lost my pregnancy weight and then some. Which now brings me to the weight I am today. And I've consistently stayed at this weight for the last 3 years, only fluctuating about 1 -2 pounds (upwards, not downwards). The conclusion I've come up with is this: Initially my weight loss was due to stress. Extreme stress. And for more explanation on that, you'd have to read about my life as the mom of a child with Reactive Attachment Disorder in my private blog. Secondly, I think I've been blessed with an extremely high metabolism which allows me to eat pretty much whatever I want, and, with minimal exercise, I am able to maintain my weight.

I was really enjoying the fact that I was pleased with my weight and not needing to obsess over a number or count calories. But now, with so many people around me concerned with their weight and eating habits, I'm beginning to wonder if I too should jump on this bandwagon. At least to saying no to treats, chocolate and coffee. What harm could it do? But I just don't know if I've got the will power. In fact, I know I don't have it. But I really don't want to wake up one morning only to realize that I can't fit into my jeans anymore . . . or that I'm suffering from heart disease because I didn't take better care of myself . . . or that I've got high cholesterol or something.

You know what? I've gone on about this long enough. I'm going to stop. But if I gain 10 pounds in the next year, I'll let you know.

Concluding Comments
There you have it. My current thought life. If you have any insight on anything I've posted, please, enlighten me. I'd love to hear
your thoughts.

Have a great week!


stacey said...

i have thoughts! i have thoughts!!

1. it is freaky cold there!
2. i am so jealous at all you got done! you rock!
3. you are doing a great job of raising boys. i know that b/c you are actively thinking of it!
4. 5'8''!!!! i would have NEVER guessed from your pics!
5. just be healthy without worrying about weight. and please don't deprive yourself of treats and coffee if you want them!!

be kind to you!!!

The Walker Family said...

Kim, please done't worry...you are a great Mom! I often wonder the same things with my two boys. I haven't read that book yet and would like to. I am often shocked at how kids these days "turn out". But all we can do is take it one moment at a time, and like Geoff says, being quick to give hugs and say sorry when you have done wrong as a parent is one of the most powerful things. Mr. Dobson said on the radio not too long ago (I think I heard it in the fall) that we can send our kids to church three times a week but if we don't spend real time with them, they will go the other direction. So I think church is important, but so is my time with them. But I worry all the time too...I feel for you!
Be thankful for your metabolism, you look great and most likely always will...thank God every day for that gift of a great metabolism. Love you Kimmy, take good care of yourself!

Kristy said...

The two comments above pretty much say it all (at least that I would of said!)But I will add this:
I think your pretty amazing, Kim!
Love ya friend ~

michelle said...

Wow! You have been busy! I feel guilty now tagging you for the Six Quirky Things Meme on my blog at http://www.northofthe49.com/blog/?p=333 Please don't feel like you have to complete it if you don't want to.

Mom said that it has been crazy cold there. We have spent a couple of days above freezing, while you guys have been in your deep freeze and now a lot of our snow is gone. I can actually see big patches of grass. I guess I maybe shouldn't rub that in. In fact, I actually like the snow and three day blizzards, we used to get. I guess I need to move home.


e-Mom said...

Just checking in to say "Hi!" It truly is winter there... it's cold here too, but not like that. Stay warm and fed. :~D

Speaking of staying fed, I've read it's not the best idea to weigh oneself every day. Once a week shows true weight gain or loss. Actually, I rarely ever step on the scales. I try to go by how my clothes feel and fit. You look so slim and healthy from your photos, that I would think you really have no worries!

Have a blessed week,

e-Mom @ Chrysalis