Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Blustery Day

This morning at 8:20 a.m. I got a phone call from the boys' bus driver, informing me that he was somewhat stranded with 7 children (that he had already picked up), due to zero visibility on his route. He asked how things were at our place, but I really couldn't give him an answer. I knew it was windy outside . . . I could hear the wind howling; but our yard is completely surrounded by evergreen trees, so it's quite impossible for me to see what the road is like beyond our driveway. Apparently where he was it was quite bad.

I checked the on-line weather network and highway hot line, but with no major weather warnings indicated for our area, I decided to take the boys to school myself and head off to work. Once I got onto the main grid at the end of our driveway, the weather problems became apparent. But, determined me continued onward and got the boys to school, safe and sound. Then I decided to head into work by way of the highway. Bad idea. The visibility was very poor and the roads were packed with snow and beneath that, ice. So the first opportunity I had to turn onto a grid road that would lead back to our place, I did. I struggled to see but finally made it safely home. Now the boys are still at school; Ty's got bowling practise after school and because of the bus problem earlier in the morning, I have no other choice but to return to town at 3:00 p.m. and pick up the boys. Whether Ty will have bowling or not is yet to be seen.

Here I sit in my very warm, toasty house, almost not knowing what to do with myself. It's been a while since I've had the house to myself. I'm supposed to be at work right now. And I've got lots to do there. But I've also got lots to do here. So, instead of potentially wasting away my day by watching T.V., reading a book, doing a jigsaw puzzle or spending time in Bloggerville, I'm going to try to get caught up on things that are lagging behind around here, namely, housework and laundry. Oh joy.

I just pray that my big man and little men make it home safely from work and school today.


stacey said...

i hope you stay warm and get a lot done! safe travels for you and everyone!

i sent you an email-let me know if it doesn't arrive!

Story of our Life said...

We've had several days like that here recently.

A week and half ago there was a 100+ care pile up on the interstate due to the fog. Thankfully the fatality rate was VERY low. Unfortunatly - someone didn't make it threw that horrible mess.

I'm glad you made to school and home safely. I hope you gt what you needed done and enjoyed the quiet peaceful time to yourself.

Kristy said...

A day at home to yourself! I would think that was a little gift to you!!
Hope everyone made it back home safe.