Sunday, December 16, 2007


Today in church I got some great news regarding the accident in my hometown. You may be wondering how I could refer to anything as "great" right now, but keep reading.

The two boys who passed away as the result of the accident had both made commitments to Jesus in the last year. The influences of Bible camp and friends brought them to Christ. When I heard this, I almost began jumping up and down. I am praying that this tragedy, as awful as it is, will bring more people in my hometown to a realization that they need Jesus in their lives.

So, what's great is that these boys are in heaven right now.

Thanks for your continued prayers. The remaining boys who survived the crash are on a slow road to recovery. Two are in drug-induced comas . . . one is making good progress while the other is not. The others have injuries that are not life-threatening, but nonetheless, they are still serious and they still suffer.


Kim said...

I'm sorry to hear about this tragedy, and I just wanted you to know that our whole Church prayed for the boys,their families, and community, just yesterday. God is still good and in control. I have an unsaved friend dealing with the loss of her son and husband just this past spring. She is really searching right now and I can sure see God calling her to himself. Good things can come from painful things.

Kristy said...

Oh Kim, how I miss you. It was good to 'read' from you, even if the news was tragic/yet wonderful.
Hoping you, Wayne, and the boys are doing well.
Blessings to you dear friend, and know that I'm praying for this sad, sad situation.
Lots of love ~

Amy said...

Oh Kimmy, that is wonderful news! I totally understand how you feel. When I was in high school one of my school mates died in a car accident. I knew nothing of his religious beliefs. I cried and cried over him and for the oppotunites I missed in witnessing to him because I was afraid. One day I saw in the paper where his mom wrote a letter letting us know that when he was eight years old he had accepted Christ as his Savior! I was so thankful she wrote that letter to the community.

I will still be praying for those involved. And thank you for letting us know the good news in this terrible situation.