Monday, November 5, 2007

At Least He's Honest

In the middle of more homework strife with Mitchell again this afternoon, I was actually blessed by something he shared with me.

On his hand, written in blue pen, was the following reminder:
"Got 100% on math. But got one wrong."

I asked him what the meaning of the message on his hand was. He then proceeded to tell me that on Friday his class had a surprise math test (on the same topic as the math homework I had so desperately tried to help him with on Thursday), and he got 100%. But really, he didn't get 100% because the teacher forgot to take marks off for a question he had wrong somewhere in the test. When he pointed out the correcting error to the teacher, she simply stated that he could keep the 100% mark since she'd already entered the marks into her book.

I am so proud of Mitchell. And it's not because of his mark. It's because of his honesty. I guess we must be doing something right as parents. In any case, this little incident was a humble reminder to me that the education of my boys goes way beyond what happens in the classroom at school. Their whole world is an education, and as parents, Wayne and I choose how that education influences them, right down to their morals and values.


Becky said...

That's great Kim. Sometimes us moms and dads get so focussed on the things that still need work we forget to acknowledge the things our kids are great at. I'd take an honest heart over exemplary classroom behavior any day.

Kristy said...

Beautifully written Kimmy! This made me smile.
Blessings on you, my friend.

Amy said...

This actually made me cry Kimmy. I am so proud of him! As a parent it does a heart good! Have a great weekend Kimmy.

{Karla} said...

how wonderful!

You are obviously doing a super job with him!