Thursday, May 3, 2007

Soccer; Baseball; Soccer; Baseball; Club J

This has been a week of insanity. Remember a few days back I said I needed to change my focus for a bit and wouldn't be able to blog for a while? Well, the project that I was supposed to be working on is far, far from being completed; it seems that this week I've taken on the position of chauffeur and cheerleader.

Mitchell began his first full week of sports this week, which includes 2 days of soccer and 2 days of ball; and this week we've got a church activity called Club J to attend as well. The insanity of the sport commitments will carry us into mid-June. Then I can breathe again.

Thankfully (in a way), Tyrone isn't as interested in sports as much as his brother. But he still comes to all the games/practices, which can be enough of a challenge for me in itself. Both of the boys are lacking in sleep (and I am too), so it's been a bit of an overwhelming week.

I was working in the office at the school today, only to find that the teachers are all experiencing a "Spring Shut-down" in their students. All of the students are having trouble focusing; the teachers are getting tired; everyone's waiting for the end of the school year.

I was relieved to hear that most of the kids in Mitchell's class are experiencing the same schedule for the next month-and-a-half, so at least he won't be the only zombie in school each day.

I'm pleased that Mitchell enjoys sports so much. But I must admit that I'm already tired of all the driving and we've only just begun!

Such is the life of a mom . . .

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