Monday, April 2, 2007

Family Devotions are for Parents, Too!
For the past month or so, we've taken on a new adventure in family devotions, whereby we read from the series, The Bible Story by Arthur S. Maxwell, every night before prayers and lights out. This experience has been very meaningful for the boys, and there are many nights that I want to keep reading story after story, but since we all need sleep in order to function the next day, I put an end to it.
While the boys are eager to hear these stories each night, I'm just as eager. We started with Volume I (obviously) and plan to read through all 10 volumes in 2007. If we keep the pace we have been for the last month, this should be an achievable goal.
I love the way the stories are re-told from the Bible, beginning with Creation and ending with the story of Revelation. The language is "old" and sometimes I have to re-word things to make it understandable for the boys, but the stories are still enjoyable. The pictures are interesting and intriguing. I love looking at the pictures just as much as the boys do!
Something that I've been "convicted" of as a result of exploring this "new" devotional material, is how seriously God takes the Sabbath. We observe Sunday as our "Day of Rest". However, what I've been reminded of over and over is that I (we) haven't really made Sunday as holy as it should be. I've been known to carry on with Sunday as "just another day" once church is over and we're back at home. I'm not proud of this fact. And I have absolutely no excuse for needing Sunday as an extra day to get more work done, run errands, etc. I'm usually at home the other 6 days of the week (or a portion thereof). My goal is for our family to start making Sunday as holy as it was intended to be, whereby we actually take God's command to "rest" and actually do that. I don't mean I'm going to sleep the whole day away. I don't think that's all Sunday is intended for. There are other ways to "rest" aside from actually sleeping.
As we work through this issue together, I'm curious to see how it's going to affect our family dynamic. I think we're going to find Sunday our most anticipated day of the week, simply because we will get to enjoy one another more.


e-Mom said...

I loved this post! When I was a young Christian, I was able to cruise through the entire Bible with ease reading an illustrated children's book like this. I still enjoy those stories, and there's much that we can learn this way. Keep up the good work with your boys. The OT is action-packed with adventure and every bit as exciting as James Bond. Fun post below! Hugs, e-Mom

Trev & Rebekah said...

I look forward to training my children up in the way of the Lord. Devotions are great. Perhaps I'll be coming to you for advice on which ones to use. As for Sunday...I hear where you are coming from. I know of some people who refuse to do home work or anything of the sorts on Sunday. I need to make it more of a day of rest too. Thanks for the encouragement.

Kristy said...

I loved this series when I was a kid....made me realize that perhaps my mom might still have them tucked away somewhere?!
Well said about Sundays too. Your thoughts are causing me to take a step back and look at how my family views this.........I LOVE when other bloggers get you to look deeper at something !
Thank you.

Becky said...

I need to get these books. I had them as a little girl and now I think I need them for my kids. I wonder where I could find them? Ideas?

Kimmy said...

Becky: These books are sold all over the Internet. That's where I got my picture for my blog . . . from an advertisement. And I'll tell you something: they are way cheaper to buy on-line than what we paid for them new. However, whatever the price, they're well worth it.