Monday, April 23, 2007


Roca: part German Shepherd, part Golden Retriever

Okay, this is getting to be ridiculous. But I wouldn't have it any other way. We've become a bit of a "dog rescue" here at our acreage. As soon as any of our friends with big dogs found out we were moving to the country, one of the first things they asked us is if we'd consider taking their dog from them in order to give it a better life. Me, being a huge dog lover, had a hard time saying "no" but at the time we said we'd first have to see what it was like for us on the acreage and let them know at a later date, after we had time to adjust to country life.
When we moved to the acreage 4 months ago, we had 3 Bichon Frise dogs. Since then, one of those Bichons, my beloved Sasha, has passed on to doggy heaven. Our other two Bichons are primarily house dogs, although they do love to explore the great outdoors and get into a bit of trouble. Our male Bichon, Harpo, recently had a few encounters with a skunk that had moved into our yard. Thankfully, Wayne was able to dispose of the skunk over the weekend, but Harpo still is a bit "skunky." I found something that works better than tomato juice to combat the smell. You mix a combination of mostly vinegar and a little water, spray that onto the fur and work it in. Then give a bath and the smell is mostly gone. Less messy than tomato juice and way more convenient!
Anyways, since Sasha died, we've obtained a two-year old Golden Retriever named B.J., from a family that lives in the city. They paid $800 for him, but willingly and gratefully gave him to us for nothing. His previous owner was the original inhabitant of our acreage (when he was a child--he grew up here), so that's kind of cool. They've come to visit B.J. and they're so thankful that we're giving him a good home.
Yesterday we became the proud owners of a second big dog named Roca. Roca is my best friend's dog, and they live in the city, no longer able to give Roca the attention and exercise he requires, so they asked us if he could come live with us. At first we were a bit skeptical, not because of having "another dog" but more so because we weren't sure how the four dogs would get along. Well, they're getting along just great. And because Roca is older (he's nine) and wiser than B.J., I think he's going to help B.J. settle down a bit.
It's only been a day, but it's already evident on Roca's face that he is happy. B.J. is too. They both seem to be smiling.
There is one other dog we could have access to if we want. Another big dog . . . a German Shepherd. But I'm thinking that four dogs is probably enough for me to handle right now.
Over the weekend we priced out chain link in order to build a dog run/kennel, just for those times that we need to keep the dogs contained in the great outdoors. The boys really like the dogs, but B.J. in particular is very playful and doesn't realize his own strength. He jumps on the boys and knocks them down, which they don't like. Having a dog run/kennel will help keep everyone happy.
So that's the story of Dog Rescue Acres. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want more dogs. I do. I love dogs. But right now I think this is enough. Getting more cats is next on the agenda. They're coming in June . . .

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Beba said...

That is one of the reasons why i would like to live in house more then in a flat. I love animals. We use to have cat Chat but we had to give it a way, just the same as your friends did, when Daria arrived. Now i miss him :(