Sunday, December 3, 2006

De-Stressed and Re-Stressed

These are the pictures taken of the two rooms in our house that are being used for "boxes packed" storage. As you can see, we have definitely made some progress this weekend! Yeah! Packing all of these boxes, while stressful in itself, has helped to de-stress me in general. I don't feel as overwhelmed anymore.

My massage on Saturday morning also de-stressed me; however, the massage therapist strongly suggested that I return again before Christmas . . . she asked me if I was experiencing a lot of stress in my life right now (I guess she suspected something due to the seemingly endless amount of tension and tightness in my neck and lower back muscles). Apparently the stress of life is playing itself out in my body. Surprise, surprise. Because of the deep massage she gave me, I've been in quite a bit of pain since about 2 hours after the massage was over. I'm looking forward to returning in a couple of weeks for another massage, even though I know it may be a painful process to get my muscles back into a state of normalcy again.

I've been re-stressed as a result of our one-and-only operational vehicle. Wayne went to warm up the car this morning before we left for church, only to find out that the battery was dead. Absolutely no power. So a charger/booster mechanism has been on it all day. We hope and pray that it's just the battery that needed to be re-charged, and not something more serious like the alternator. We just put a brand new battery not that long ago, so it seems rather odd that the battery would be completely useless already. We're praying that God will sustain us with this car at least until we move. Then we can look into the possibility of getting a different vehicle. Wayne just went to check on it a few minutes ago and all seems fine now. But it's still a bit unnerving to have a car that may or may not start when you need to get somewhere.

Okay, so I'm leaving this in God's hands and I honestly am too tired and in too much pain to try to begin to solve this car problem in any way, shape or form. I think I've almost done a 360 turnaround with the whole trust and faith issues I was suffering from not so long ago (see previous posts). Notice I said almost. I'm not sure if I'll ever do the complete 360. But I'm trying . . .

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Lovella said...

Hi Kim, just want you to know how much I'm enjoying your blog. I check every morning when I check my email. We're so excited about your move and hope you enjoy acreage life as much as we do. Hope you're drinking LOTS of water after your massage. It helps to flush out the toxins that are released during the massage. It really works. Bye for now.