Sunday, November 5, 2006

The Return of Pepe LePew

The skunk that originally sprayed our dogs was caught in a skunk trap the following morning after the incident. We were so relieved. We were able to let our dogs roam free again in our back yard without having to "supervise" their every move.

Well, that bliss all came to an end when our neighbor came over after we got home from church to inform us that there is yet another skunk living in her yard somewhere. She's very frustrated by all of this, as are we. The town we live in is doing nothing to help and we're all just getting fed up with having to put our children and pets into potential danger and discomfort because of the town's lack of action. She's already paid for 2 skunks to get trapped and I don't really think it's fair that she should have to pay for yet another. The town gave her their one-and-only skunk trap to use, but all it is is a piece of PVC tubing that is supposed to "lure" the skunk in. As if! For the 2 skunks that have been caught, she hired her own pest control company, but it's getting to be an expensive necessity. She's planning to talk to town officials on Monday and hopefully they'll be able to reimburse her for part of the expense, since their trap has caught nothing.

On a positive note, our house doesn't smell so "skunky" anymore, for which we're glad. We get the occasional whiff, but overall it's much better than it was a few days ago.

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